Flower Press & Butterfly Tote

Pressed Bouquet Tool Kit

Back in the day when I lived in Denver, I used to go for afternoon walks along Cherry Creek, when one day I got an idea to collect wild flowers that grew along the pathway. So I took my butterfly tote with me for the journey. I came home with my collection for the day and placed them in the flower press where they would be archived under pressure for a few days.

Then the fun would begin as I would create layouts on my computer which I printed on a laser printer. I took an X-acto knife and cut a slit in the page where I would insert the dried, pressed flowers.

Then I took them to a copy place where I had them laminated. Then I made color copies of the original laminated pieces. These new copies got laminated and magnets were affixed to the back. They became what I called FrijArt and sold them for $5 a piece. The finished pieces were about 8″ x 10.” I had six different designs. Here is my favorite one.

Pressed Bouquet

FrijArt Pressed Bouquet