A while back while riding on BART I met two men from India who were in the tech field. If I recall correctly, they were both software engineers working in San Francisco. I believe I asked them about the secret of their success and why technology was so big in India. They told me that while they were in school they had no social life. Their education was their number one priority. They were focused and committed to their learning experience. I was touched by that because too often that is not the case in America. It reminded me of what I heard, “you will get out what you put in.” Success is not accidental. It comes from diligence and hard work and applying oneself and having a passion to excel at what you invest your time into.

Then, I met another young man who is employed in Silicon Valley and has a good job in the tech industry. He got his job at what seemed to be against all odds. He says it’s a highly competitive field which I already knew, BUT he said that if you didn’t have all the skills an employer is looking for, then a winning attitude and your ability to work well with others will prevail.

In another scenario, I was in a multimedia class at CCSF where we interviewed various employers. One in particular caught my attention. She asked how many of us in the class have other hobbies and interests besides multimedia. A few of our hands were raised, including mine. She said that is one of the questions she asks when interviewing job applicants. If they don’t have hobbies, then their applications are usually declined. She believes that people with outside interests make for successful team members.

I hope this helps somebody. It sure helped me.

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I just learned painfully while doing a group project of a Website redesign that text behaves differently in Photoshop when it’s copied and pasted from a web page than if you type it in yourself, even after applying the desired font and sizes. It just acts funky. The main thing it does is goof up the leading and it makes editing a nightmare. So it’s worth the extra work of typing in your text into a Photoshop document than to is to copy and paste it in, though it may seem you’re not saving yourself time in the beginning. It’s more stable and more manageable. It will spare you a lot of agony in the long run.

Today we were informed of the ACCJC‘s decision to shut us down in a year from now due to accreditation concerns. It’s the best school by far I’ve been to and the instruction has been overall par excellence. The teachers invest themselves in their students. The sad things is that despite the passing of Prop A which is supposed to supply funding for our school, there has been a lack of them, while the funds have been misappropriated by treacherous elected officials. As a final class project last semester (Spring 2013), we were assigned to do a poster or billboard inciting social change. Mine addresses the misuse of Prop A funds.

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Here is what the original looked like.

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